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A foundation for science, business, life and education.


  • 14th best overall program in the U.S.
  • 10th best topology, 7th best analysis and 9th best applied math specialties.
  • Home of three award-winning community outreach programs designed to engage teachers and students with mathematics.
  • Thousands of teachers, students and parents in Central Texas served yearly.
  • Home of the Charles A. Dana Center for Mathematics and Science Education.

The Department of Mathematics is home to world-class faculty who have achieved a significant level of accomplishment in mathematics. Training for its math majors incorporates the principal ideas from the most significant research areas in the mathematical sciences. The department consistently recruits junior and senior faculty who have achieved significant positions of leadership in their research.


1067 Undergraduate (Fall 2019)
90 Graduate (Fall 2019)


53 faculty 
2 Abel Prize winners
1 National Medal of Science winner
1 Shaw Prize winner
3 members of the National Academy of Sciences
4 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2 MacArthur Fellows
2 Clay Research Award winners
5 Guggenheim Fellows
14 Sloan Fellows
11 NSF Career/Presidential Young Investigator award winners
2 Wolf Prize winners
2 Leroy Steele Prize winners
1 Rolf Schock Prize winner
1 Salem Prize winner
2 Harrington Fellows
6 members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers
1 Nowotny medal winner
1 Clay Research Fellow
1 member of the French Academy of Sciences
1 Mathematical Congress of Americas Solomon Lefschetz medal winner
1 European Mathematical Society Prize winner
1 Bocher Prize winner
3 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Fellows
22 Fellows of the American Mathematical Society
1 Simons Math+X chair holder
1 American Institute of Mathematics 5 Year Fellow
1 Simons Fellow


Algebra / Analysis / Applied Mathematics / Dynamics / Financial Mathematics / Geometry / Number Theory / Numerical Analysis / Partial Differential Equations / Statistics / Topology