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What starts in physics, changes the world of science. 

  • Ranked 15th in the nation for Physics and 7th for Cosmology/Relativity/Gravity.
  • The best physics department within 1500 miles of Austin, Texas.
  • Among national leaders in fundamental theory, high energy density research, condensed matter physics, theoretical plasma physics and other fields.
  • Women in Physics outreach program supports the advancement and retention of female physicists. 
  • Home of Alice in Wonderland program for girls interested in physics. 
  • Physics Circus takes physics to K-12 schools and communities. 
  • Minority Bridge Program for bringing more underrepresented minorities into graduate physics programs.

The Department of Physics explores and teaches the basic principles of the most fundamental of all natural sciences; discovers the fundamental laws of matter, energy and universal structure; and, trains students for careers in research, technology and many other areas.


403 Undergraduate (Fall 2020)
178 Graduate (Fall 2020)


55 faculty 
1 Nobel Prize in Physics 
4 members of the National Academy of Sciences 
1 National Medal of Science
1 Wolf Prize Winner
2 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 
11 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
33 fellows of the American Physical Society 
6 Sloan Fellowships 
4 National Science Foundation Presidential Young Investigator Awards
5 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers 
5 members of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers
1 Max Planck Award
1 WKH Panofsky Prize
1 APS Buckley Prize
1 Angiola Gili Agostinelli International Prize
1 Jurgen Moser Prize
1 fellow of the Optical Society of America
1 Jefferson Science Fellow
1 Boltzmann Medal


Atomic and molecular physics / Condensed matter physics / Cell physics / Cosmology / Elementary particle physics / Fundamental theory / Gravitation / High energy density physics / Plasma physics / Precision measurement / Short time scale physics

Affiliated Centers & Institutes

Center for Complex Quantum Systems
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics 
Center for Particles and Fields 
Institute for Fusion Studies 
Texas Center for High Energy Density Science
Weinberg Theory Group