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CNS Advising and Student Services Staff are providing full services, we are just changing how those services are administered during summer, 2020.  Registration advising will be offered via virtual meetings in Zoom or by telephone appointment.

The College of Natural Sciences Student Services Office is available by Zoom, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5 pm.  If you need assistance, click here to access our virtual office.

You may also contact us by e-mail: CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu, please include your EID.  If you would like to speak to someone on the phone, include a phone number in your email. You will receive a call from a blocked number during normal business hours. 

This semester all Q-Drop, Grade Status Change (to pass/fail or letter grade) and withdrawal (drop all classes) requests should be submitted online at:


Please note: Courses taken pass/fail will only count as elective credit.  You may request to change your grading status once.  You can take 2 courses pass/fail each semester.

The deadline to change your grade status (pass/fail or letter grade) is: 

6/24/20 for 1st, nine week and whole session courses

7/31/20 for 2nd session courses.

The deadline to drop or withdraw is the last class day of each session; academic drops will count towards the 6-drop limit.

If you are experiencing non-academic difficulties and need assistance or wish to appeal for a non-academic drop or withdrawal, please e-mail: CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu to schedule a phone appointment with a counselor.


CLICK HERE to find out who your assigned advisor is.

To contact your advising center:

If you are a...

Go to:

Freshmen, new transfer, or entry-level

(all majors except CS)

Center for First-Year Advising

If you have any general questions please email CNSinfo@austin.utexas.edu and always include your EID in any correspondence.

Biochemistry, Biology and Neuroscience majors

Biosciences Advising Center

If you have any questions for your advisors please email them individually. If you don't know who your advisor is click here.

Chemistry major

Chemistry Advising

If you have any general questions please email carolynlum@austin.utexas.edu and always include your EID in any correspondence.

Computer Sciences major

Computer Sciences Advising

If you have any questions for your advisors please email them individually, if you don’t know who your assigned advisor is click here or email under-info@cs.utexas.edu

Human Ecology major
(Nutrition, Human Development and
Family Sciences, Textiles and Apparel, or Public Health)

Human Ecology Advising

Academic advising appointments will be scheduled via Calendly and will take place via Zoom video call.

Physics, or 
Astronomy major

Math, Physics & Astronomy Advising

If you have any general questions please email mpaadvisors@utexas.edu and always include your EID in any correspondence.

CNS Career Services

You will make an appointment through Handshake by clicking on “Career Center” and then “Make an appointment” and can select “virtual” as the appointment medium after you pick your appointment time. 

Health Professions Office

Will be doing remote appointments, you will still be able to make an appointment by calling their office at 512-471-3172.


 If you have registration questions, email advisor@uteach.utexas.edu or leave a message at 512-232-2770. 

Advising appointments are done via phone call or Zoom and can be scheduled here.

TIP Scholars in first three semesters at UT


  • TIP will continue using Calendly for students to schedule appointments.
  • You will be able to meet with your peer advisors via Zoom to draft 4-year plans.
  • You can meet with your advisor through Zoom starting soon to get your advising bar cleared or address other concerns. 
MISC Links/Contacts


  • Will be doing phone appointments as will the Councilng and Mental Health Center, these can be scheduled via phone at 512-471-3515
  • Information online can be found here.

One Stop: https://onestop.utexas.edu/3

Crisis Line is available 24/7at 512-471-22555

Health Services Telemedicine https://cmhc.utexas.edu/event_hereforyou.html6

Canvas Help https://utexas.instructure.com/courses/633028/pages/student-tutorials

UT Main Updates: https://www.utexas.edu/coronavirus