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  • BIO TA Awards

Congratulations to Our 2021 Teaching Assistant Award Winners! 


On Monday, May 3rd, 2021 the Biology Instructional Office announced the winners of the 20-21 BIO Oustanding Teaching Assistant award. Out of over 200 TA positions appointed during the past year, we had 14 TAs and 10 UGTAs nominated for this honor, but could choose only 8 to win the award. The list below includes all of the nominees. Winners are indicated by *.

We would like to thank these TAs & UGTAs, both the award winners and those nominated, for being outstanding teaching assistants. TAs are an integral part of the teaching experience and you have gone above and beyond what has been asked of you. Thank you!

2021 TA Award Nominees

Winners indicated by *

TA Name



Amanda Vines* Katie Bruner BIO 325L
Damla Cinoglu Caroline Farrior BIO 373
Elsy Johanna Paez Crespo Donald Levin BIO 311D
Frank Yeh Alex Huk NEU 340
Jonathan Le* Kristen Procko, Cynthia LaBrake BCH 339F, BCH 369
Krishnakali Sarkar* Marty Maas BIO 206L
Raaj Pyada* Jen Moon, Ruth Buskirk BIO 315H, BIO 372C, BIO 320L, BIO 325H
Samantha Smith David Stein BIO 349
Taylor Schoberle Suzanne Barth BIO 361L
Thomas Marshall Kay McMurry BIO 208L
Trevor Freeman* Elif Sarinay Cenik BCH 339N
Valerie Bryant Jen Moon BIO 372C
Wendy (Kaichun) Xu Jaquelin Dudley BIO 330
Whitney Behr Jose Panero BIO 122L




Argha Bandyopadhyay Alex Huk NEU 340
Aeslyn Kail George Pollack NEU 330
Ben Popokh George Pollack NEU 330
Braden Wu Inder Saxena BIO 325
Emma Aldred* Pratibha Saxena BIO 326M
Jacqueline Portney Jon Partridge BIO 311C, BIO 311D
Jennifer Tran* Eric Cambronne BIO 226
Karen Liu Pratibha Saxena BIO 326M
Prachi Khanna Goheun Kim BIO 325
Sofia Piperno* Michela (Micky) Marinelli NEU 337


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