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ALEKS Learning Mode is not a single assessment. It provides an individualized learning environment for self-remediation to work towards obtaining the required minimum ALEKS placement score.  As you successfully work through ALEKS Learning Mode, your ALEKS placement score is increased. If you make ≥ 85% on the initial assessment, there is no need to work through the Learning Mode.

Before you begin ALEKS Chemistry


The primary goal is to help you prepare for CH301 by reviewing pre-college chemistry topics that may have been forgotten since you last took a chemistry class.


  • Be Honest.
  • Complete the assessment on your own.
  • You may not use books, other materials, the Internet, or consult with anyone during the assessment.
  • Paper and pencil will be needed.
  • A calculator will be provided by ALEKS when needed. You should not use your own.
  • You are encouraged to use any of the tables that ALEKS has available during the assessment (example: solubility rules) in the tabs across the top of the ALEKS web pages
  • Expect the assessment to take 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, so plan accordingly.
  • You must finish the initial assessment once you have started it.

Violating the testing policies will result in an inaccurate assessment and incorrect placement, to the detriment of your learning and GPA.

I've purchased the Chem Assessment and I'm Ready to Begin

Before you take ALEKS Chemistry, practice with the following chemistry warm-up and then review recommended UT Learning Modules.

This is just a practice — you still need to take the ALEKS assessment to place into a UT Chemistry course.



This link will take you to your courses page in Quest. Click on the Chem Warm Up Spring 2015 course and then click on the Warm Up assignment.