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cornerstones 2015 year 4

Congratulations, you have made it to your fourth and final year at UT! This year is your chance to look both backward and forward and evaluate your experience. Are there things you intended to do when you first arrived that you haven't gotten around to yet? Check off some boxes on your UT bucket list! Are there things you need to do to prepare for graduation and life after UT? Probably. Not sure where to start? Start here: 

Graduation Planning

Make sure your four-year course plan is airtight. Double and triple check your interactive degree audit. Is there anything you don't understand on your audit? Are there classes you thought were counting one place, but they're showing up somewhere else? Contact your advisor so there are no surprises when you submit your graduation application! 

If everything is ready, be sure to join the Senior Countdown! This is your commitment to yourself and the University that you are graduating in four years. 

Apply to graduate by the posted deadline (yes, you have to apply to graduate).