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Campitelli, Brandon

Brandon Campitelli

Learning Experience Designer, Clinical Assistant Professor
Red McCombs School of Business, College of Natural Sciences

Assistant Professor of Instruction | STEM Instructional Consultant | Experiential Learning Coordinator

Phone: 512-232-8346

Office Location

Assistant Professor of Instruction

I spent 5 years teaching a course called the Biology of Biofuels in the Freshmen Research Initiative that was focused on developing research skills in the areas of ecology, evolution, genetics and environmental biology using plant model systems. I am now teaching undergraduate courses focused on the development of professional skills required for current challenges in the workforce, geared towards students in STEM.

STEM Instructional Consultant

In 2017, CNS launched the implementation of the "21st Century Education" initiative, which outlined three major goals for the college: (1) redesigning the curriculum for our majors to improve internal alignment within degree plans and infusing more professional skills development; (2) provide meaningful experiential learning opportunities to all of our undergraduates; and (3) improve the mechanisms for evaluation of teaching and introducing more teaching professional development. As a STEM Instructional Consultant, I facilitate departmental faculty teams through the process of redesigning their undergraduate curriculum.

Experiential Learning Coordinator

A key component of the "21st Century Education" initiative is to infuse more experiential learning (EL) into CNS courses such that every student has one (or more) opportunities to engage in meaningful EL during their degree. My major role as EL Coordinator, is to identify, coach and support CNS faculty through the design of new courses--or redesign existing courses--that incorporate EL best practices, even in traditional classroom settings. Plese see the TIDES website for EL for a definition and best practices.