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Alan K Cline

Professor Emeritus
Department of Computer Science

David Bruton, Jr. Centennial Professorship in Computer Sciences #2 | Distinguished Teaching Professor

Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, Mathematical Software.


Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712
Dr. Cline’s research interests include Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Mathematical Software.

Selected Publications:

(with Inderjit S. Dhillon) Computation of the Singular Value Decomposition, Chapter 45 of Handbook of Linear Algebra, edited by Leslie Hogben et al, CRC Press, 2006.

(with D. H. King and J. M. Meyering) Routing and Scheduling Coast Guard Buoy Tenders Interfaces, Vol. 22, pp. 56-72, 1992.

(with R. J. Renka) A Constrained Two Dimensional Triangulation and the Solution of Closest Node Problems in the Presence of Barriers, SIAM J. Numerical Analysis, Vol. 27, pp. 1305-1321, 1990.

(with R. J. Renka) A Triangle-based Interpol C1 Interpolation Method, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 14, pp. 223-238, 1984.

(with R. J. Renka) A Storage-efficient Method for Construction of a Thiessen Triangulation, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 14, pp. 119-140, 1984.

FITPACK--A Software Package for Curve and Surface Fitting Employing Splines Under Tension, Pleasant Valley Software, Austin, 1984.

  • Election to the Academy of Distinguished Teachers - 2005
  • Jean Holloway Award for Excellence in Teaching - 2009
  • University of Texas Regents Outstanding Teachers Award - 2010