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If you are processing a VE5 or VE6 for foreign travel (any country except US, Mexico, Canada, and US possessions) on state funds (all 14- & 20- accounts), you will need to request the dean’s permission by e-mailing CNS Business Services [bservices@cns.utexas.edu]

  • Create the RTA/VE5
  • Send an e-mail CNS Business Services [bservices@cns.utexas.edu] with the Document ID in the subject line.
    • EXAMPLE:
    • Subject: 30VE5######: Foreign Travel on State Fund
  • CNS Business Services will print out the VE5 or VE6 voucher cover sheet for the dean's signature. The creator of the VE5/VE6 should hold the electronic document in their inbox until CNS Business Services sends notification that the dean has signed it.
  • Once the dean signs the cover sheet, CNS Business Services will e-mail a scanned image to the document creator for further processing and forward the original signed cover sheet to the Office of Accounting Travel section.
  • Approver will add notes in the document that the Dean approved the request.

Contracts & Grants

When foreign travel expenses are to be paid from grant and/or contract funds, required approvals must be obtained. Specific authorization for the foreign travel may be stated in the approved grant or contract; if not, the Principal Investigator (PI) must obtain approval from the sponsor. The approval of the foreign travel may be delivered via email. It is the responsibility of the PI to secure all necessary approvals; failure to do so will result in disallowance of the travel expenses.


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