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AIS (PBS Document) requires the document to route to or receive approval from an account signer.

APS requires the signature of the department chair/director before routing the document forward to the Dean’s Office. If using a 26- account, PI's signature is also required.

Not having the chair/director signature is one of the few actions that will cause the document to be returned to the creator.

  •  Please ensure that the account number you have proposed for payment has sufficient funds.
    • If you are paying a vendor, you will need to set up a PIF (use GGV in *DEFINE) before submitting the PBS, in order to get a vendor ID number.  See here for instruction on GGV Creation.
  • Once the APS/AIS (PBS document) is ready for Dean’s office approval, document creators are to submit one email per voucher as a scanned PDF packet for review and approval in compliance to bservices@cns.utexas.edu for review and approval.
    • The email should have the following in the subject line.
    • Ex: 30PBS999999 - For Approval
  • Business Services upon review and approval will notify creator. If the voucher is returned, please resubmit the updated PDF in a new email to bservices@cns.utexas.edu for approval. Please reply to the original email chain, reattach the updated PDF of all the appropriate documentation, and change the Subject Line to begin with Resubmission.
    • Ex: Resubmission 30PBS999999 – For Approval
  • Last, have the contractor sign the APS/PBS after the service has been rendered.



                                                                                                                               Last Updated: 11 September 2017