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NOTE: This is for Direct Reports to the Dean only



The Diners Club Corporate Credit Card is designed for employees traveling on university business. The card helps employees manage their travel purchases and expenditures, and it is the perfect card for individuals who frequently take business trips. Read the below information about the card, how to apply, card benefits, travel insurance for cardholders, and payments.

  • Faculty and staff members of The University of Texas at Austin are eligible to apply for the Diners Club Corporate Card
  • The card can be used for individual business-related travel expenses only (personal transactions are prohibited)
  • There’s no minimum salary requirement for cardholders


Diners Club Customer Service

Diners Club has two 24-hour service lines:
1-800-2-DINERS (1-800-234-6377)
Outside of the United States, call collect at 702-797-5532


How to Apply:

  • Send a request letter to CNS Business Services [bservices@cns.utexas.edu] to request Dean's signature/approval. Please copy your direct supervisor.
  • Contact Travel Management Services at TMS@austin.utexas.edu or call at 471-6641 to request acknowledgment and application forms


Travel Insurance for Cardholders

  • Be sure to use the Diners Club Card for all travel-related charges, and as a cardholder you’ll automatically receive the following extensive package of comprehensive travel insurance.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Coverage up to $350,000 on common airline carriers when the entire cost of the ticket is purchased on the card.
  • Lost Luggage: Coverage up to $1,250 when the entire cost of the ticket is purchased on the card.
  • Rental car CDW insurance coverage: Primary coverage on the rental car itself, up to $75,000. Please note that this does not include liability coverage for other vehicles, property or persons outside the rental car. See Travel Management Services rental car information for additional rental car insurance details.


Payment Information

  • Payment due upon receipt of billing statement.
  • An account will be suspended if the account reaches 61 days past due. Accounts that reach 90 days past due will be cancelled and will not be reopened.
  • Accounts will be assessed a delinquency fee of 2.5% and a $20 penalty fee on past due amounts. These charges are non-reimbursable.
  • Traveler is responsible for submitting reimbursement requests to the Office of Accounting travel desk.
  • Traveler must make payment directly to Diners Club. University departments cannot pay the credit card billing statement on behalf of the traveler.
  • Cardholder must handle all transaction disputes directly with Diners Club.
  • Diners Club does not report payment information to credit bureaus unless the account becomes delinquent.


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