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NOTE: This is for Dean's Office and Dean Direct Reports only



A communication device is defined as a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) that allows for two-way communication. A communication service is defined as the plan providing for operation of a communication device and/or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This policy establishes methods for making a communication device and its operation available to employees and/or reimbursing for ISP costs if the job requires that they be able to connect to the campus network to perform duties from an alternate work location.

Handbook of Business Procedures – Section 9.1.5


How it Works

[For CNS Dean Units]


Complete the Communication Device Allowance Request and submit to personnel@cns.utexas.edu for Dean’s signature. A copy of the completed and approved Communication Device Allowance Request must be retained in the employee's departmental personnel file.

An employee may receive a communication device allowance only once every two years, see Payroll Service. Departments must process such allowances in accordance with the provisions established by Payroll Services. Equipment allowances can be made once every two years for $100.



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