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This is for those VP5 documents that route to Dean's Office for approval (NS FINSUPP DESK). 

Routing to NS FINSUPP Desk will occur when:

  • Using Dean’s Office account
  • Traveler is a direct report to the Dean
  • Traveler is a Dean’s office employee
  • Traveler has an appointment or is paid in HRMS from a Dean’s Office account
  • And/or required by UT Policy




  • Document creators are to submit one email per one voucher as a scanned PDF packet for review and approval in compliance with The University of Texas’ Office of Accounting and Travel policy to CNS Business Services (bservices@cns.utexas.edu) for review and approval once the document has routed to NS FINSUPP desk. Please refer to the PDF imaging requirements for submitting PDF’s to business services for approval. 
  • Subject Line of the email  must have the Document ID in the subject – for approval
    • Ex: 30VP5999999 – For Approval
  • Business Services upon review and approval will notify creator. If the voucher is returned, please resubmit the updated PDF again to bservices@cns.utexas.edu for approval. Please reply to the original email chain, reattach the updated PDF of all the appropriate documentation, and change the Subject Line to begin with Resubmission.
    • For example: Resubmission 30VP5999999 – For Approval
  • Creator(s) will then send original documentation to Accounts Payable for final approval
  • For RUSH or Emergency situations for the Office Of Accounting, please refer to the following processing procedures:
    • Refer to askUS for instructions on how to rush an Independent Contractor payment.
    • Refer to askUS for instructions on how to rush a payment document for other vendors or employees, or call Accounts Payable and Travel Services at 512-471-1816.



                                                                                                                                         Last Updated: 11 April 2017