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To pay invoices or reimbursements associated with Entertainment Expenses


Responsibilities of Person Receiving the Invoice/Receipt:

To verify the items being purchased comply with the CNS Official Occasions and Entertainment Expense Policy


Procedures to request Payment/Reimbursement

  • Verify OOEF is complete and properly executed (see the OOEF Checklist)
  • Verify invoice/receipt is in compliance with the terms of the executed OOEF
  • Send the invoice/receipt with the OOEF as a PDF to payments.bservices@cns.utexas.edu
    • If the entertainment expense was incurred during travel, please also submit a copy of the approved Request for Travel Authorization (VE5).
    • If the entertainment expense was part of a contract/AIS/APS, please also include the executed contract
    • CNS will follow University policy related to negotiated agreements. HBP 9.1.1 Section E: “Units will not be requires to get a per person cost when there is a negotiated agreement with a vendor for a total package price that includes food and non-food expenses”. However,  amount should remain within reasonable limits.
  • Subject Line should follow the following nomenclature:
    • Purpose – Vendor – Description – Date (Service Date)
    • EX: ENT – Party City – Gone to Texas – 8/15/16
    • EX: Pay- Smith – Gone to Texas 8/15/16



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