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To pay invoices associated with purchase orders

Responsibilities of Person Receiving the Invoice:

To verify the following are in compliance with the purchase order:

  • Service dates are during the time period of the PO
  • Verify the date the items on the invoice were received
  • Verify the items on the invoice are in good condition/working order
  • Verify the items received are what we ordered
  • Verify all items on the receipt are ok to pay for
  • Verify amount of each items was the agreed price on the PO
  • Verify account number to pay for these items is the correct account on the PO
  • Verify the is either a partial or complete payment

Procedures to Request Payment

  • Invoices should be received by the Business Services Payment Team
  • Invoices will be date stamped by Business Services Payment Team
  • Invoices will be audited for the items state above
  • Invoices will then be sent to the client/requestor on the PO to verify the following:
    • Date goods/services were received
    • Items were is good/working condition
    • All items on invoice were received
    • Approval to pay invoice
    • Client/Request should respond to the email with the appropriate information for the questions listed above
    • Once client/request confirms information, the Business Services Payment Team will process the invoice for payment

** If an invoice is received by your Division first, please do the following:

  • Verify all items listed in “Responsibilities of Person Receiving the Invoice”
    • See VP1 Checklist
    • Send the invoice with all the information / signature approval to process the invoice forward as a PDF to payments.bservices@cns.utexas.edu
    • Subject Line should follow the following nomenclature:
      • Purpose – Vendor – Description – Date (Service Date)
      • EX: Pay – Longhorn Trophies – PO#2016A0000 – 5/5/2016


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