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The review of CNS accounts for audit purposes is accomplished with the following three procedures. These procedures are closely related, however, they are three different and distinct processes.

Monthly Account Reconciliation

Monthly account reconciliation is the process unit business staff and authorized account signers use to review and approve all expense, income, and transfer transactions that posted during the prior closed months. This process can be performed either through *DEFINE’s LMM command or through an Excel spreadsheet. The reconciliation should occur after the close of the month (typically around the 5th working day of the following month) and be completed prior to the end of that month (i.e. September should be reconciled between the close date and October 31st).

Monthly Online Expense Account Certification

The Expense Account Certification system reviews all transactions in a budget group for a month against a set of criteria. If any transaction meets the criteria, then it is identified as a "certifiable" transaction and requires a review by the budget group's ledger sheet contact (from *DEFINE). The ledger sheet contact would approve the transaction through the online EAC system.

However, if all transactions had previously been approved through *DEFINE's LMM command (during the Monthly Account Reconciliation) then the EAC system will certify the transaction(s) selected by the criteria selection. There is no need to certify through both LMM and EAC.

The EAC system will automatically send an email to the ledger sheet contact on or shortly after the 15th of the following month. Certification, either though LMM or EAC, should be completed prior to the end of that month. The Dean's Office will also send separate reminders for accounts requiring certification older than one month.

Yearly Expense Account Certification (Statement of Account)

Expense account certification (Statement of Account) is a risk-based review process of all accounts and transactions. This review process was put in place as a response to UT System's requirement for account reviews. The certification form is required to be signed by a unit's head administrator and chief business officer. These must be two different people to ensure oversight and separation of duty (however, exceptions are occasionally allowed for small units with limited staff). The Monthly Account Reconciliation and the Online Expense Account Certification must be completed for the entire fiscal year before the certification form can be signed and submitted to the Dean's Office. The deadline for submission of the form is set yearly by the Office of Accounting but will usually be due to the Dean's Office by the second week of October.

CNS Dean's Office Contact: Adam Mena, 232-1088

Account Reconciliation/Certification information from the Office of Accounting's askUs.

 Last Modified 07 February 2020