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  • Two types of cash advances are utilized by the University. Follow the links below to review the Office of Accounting's Handbook of Business Procedures for complete regulations and procedures:
  • All cash advance requests are processed by the Department's administrative staff.
  • The recipient must be appointed during the entire date range of the advance and cannot be a student only. If the date range crosses the fiscal year, a signed memo from the Department chair/ORU director must also be submitted confirming the appointment will be renewed for the new fiscal year.
  • The account provided must have sufficient funds to cover the amount of the request.
  • The date range of the cash advance cannot exceed six months.
  • The Office of Accounting will not issue a cash advance prior to 30 days of the travel/study date.
  • Requests for a study must include the full title of the study, purpose of the study, and the allocation schedule for the participant payouts (amount per person/hour/survey).
  • A study cannot have more than one open cash advance. The cash advance reconciliation must be submitted to the Office of Accounting before requesting a new cash advance.
  • All University and CNS required travel documents must be final approved before submitting a Cash Advance Request for Travel.
  • Start-up funds cannot be used for cash advances for travel but can be used for research if allowed by the PI's offer letter. Verify with the Dean's Office before processing the request form.
  • Requests should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the requested pick up date. The Dean's Office will make every effort to accommodate emergency rush requests however the Office of Accounting requires seven business days to process requests.


  1. Use one of the following forms:
    1. Travel form
    2. Research participant form
  2. All information on the form is required. For clarification on any section, please see the Handbook of Business Procedures linked above.
  3. Print the form on department letterhead.
  4. Obtain the signature of an authorized signer on the account. The traveler cannot sign the form even if an authorized signer.
  5. Send a clear, legible scan of the signed form by email to financials@cns.utexas.edu.
  6. The CNS Business Officer will sign the form after review for accuracy.
  7. The Dean's Office will send the form to the OA Cash Advance Desk by email with a copy to the Department contact.
  8. The OA Cash Advance Desk will directly notify the recipient when the advance has been completed.
  9. After the actual expenditures have been completed, it is the responsibility of the recipient to complete the reconciliation with the OA Cash Advance Desk.
    1. The completed reconciliation for research participant payments must be signed by the CNS Business Officer prior to sending to OA.

CNS Dean's Office Contact: Adam Mena, 232-1088

Cash Advance information from Office of Accounting's askUS.

Last Updated: 02 January 2018