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  1. There are two New Account Request forms:
    1. Education and General Accounts (14- and 20-)
    2. Non-Education and General Accounts (18-, 19-, 29-, and 30-)
  2. All information requested on the form is required.
  3. Print the form and obtain the signature of an authorized signer of the unit.
  4. Send a legible scanned copy of the signed form by email to financials@cns.utexas.edu.
  5. The CUBO Representative will sign the form after it has been reviewed for accuracy.
  6. The form will be sent by email to FAR with a copy to the department contact.


  • Text information for Proposed Title and Account Purpose on the form is copied "as is" by FAR and entered into *DEFINE as official. This includes misspelled words and grammatical errors.
  • The Department name field should match the Unit Code title as it appears on the GG5 screen of *DEFINE.
  • While the Account Purpose needs to be detailed, try to be as brief as possible. The source of funds and expenditures need to be clear but not lengthy.
  • CNS accounts should not have a -51 expense subaccount. A -56 Departmental Reserve/Expenses subaccount should be used instead if needed.
  • Per FAR all 30- account requests (unless the account will be funded solely by an internal transfer or will be a various donors/various purposes) must include a letter from the donor explaining the intent/purpose of the funds.
  • When requesting a 19- account funded from an external source, assume the 5% administrative service charge will be charged on the account unless written approval of an exemption is given by the Budget Office.
  • Information on Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

 CNS Dean's Office Contact: Adam Mena, 232-1088

New Account information from the Office of Accounting's askUS.

 Last Modified 02 September 2019