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  • The Signature Desk Request is used for the creation and maintenance of units. The following options are available on the form:
    • Create official unit and department
    • Delete a unit
    • Change unit "report to"
    • Move a unit into an electronic office
    • Update manual signers
    • Delete an electronic office
    • Create subunit and subdepartment
    • Change a unit head
    • Update a unit (title, org. level, and abbr.)
    • Update electronic office manager
    • Update department system information
  • Signature authority for the form should come from the lowest Org Level administrator listed on the GG6 screen of *DEFINE. This person is usually the department chair, ORU director, or PI.
  • Most Signature Desk Request forms do not need to be routed to the Dean's Office. A form would only need to be routed to the Dean's Office when the request requires the Dean's signature per the GG6 screen (i.e. units and subunits that directly report to the Dean).


  1. The Signature Desk Request form is located on the Office of Accounting website at https://financials.utexas.edu/resources/forms/signature-desk-request.
  2. Create the online form by following the screen prompts for the information required.
  3. Print the form and obtain the signature of the lowest level administrator indicated on the form.
  4. Send the signed form to oa.signaturedesk@austin.utexas.edu for processing with a copy to financials@cns.utexas.edu.
  5. If the request requires the Dean's signature, send the form to financials@cns.utexas.edu. After the Dean signs the form, it will be sent by email to the Signature Desk with a copy to the originator.

 CNS Dean's Office Contact: Adam Mena, 232-1088

Signature Desk information from Office of Accounting's askUS.

 Last Modified 02 January 2018