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What is a Payee Information Form (PIF)

A Payee Information Form (PIF) is a request for a vendor's taxpayer number and applicable tax classification (ownership type). The PIF is a combination of IRS form W-9 (request for taxpayer number) and state of Texas form AP152 (application for a vendor identification number). The information from the two government forms is combined into a PIF, so the vendors will only need to complete one form.

An organization that is required to file an information return with the IRS must obtain a vendor's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to report income. The TIN is either the social security number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of the payee. Nonresident alien information must be obtained to determine the payee's tax status for compliance with IRS withholding and SSN or FEIN of the payee, and for reporting requirements. The additional information for other payee types is needed to satisfy State of Texas requirements for establishing vendor records.

When is a PIF Required?

A PIF is required to verify a payee's (vendor or student) taxpayer number, address, and nationality. A PIF must be on file or submitted to the Vendor Identification (VID) Section when

  • Individuals, sole-proprietors, partnerships, and limited partnerships are reimbursed or paid for services that are reportable as income to the IRS; any ownership type provides medical services; or foreign companies received payments for royalties.
    • The vendor must fill out a PIF and submit the completed PIF to the paying department.
  • An individual or sole-proprietorship's name or citizen status changes.
    • Scholarship, fellowship, and cash prize recipients, the recipient must fill out a Payee Information Form (PIF) and submit the completed PIF to the paying department.
      • PIF is required for all nonstudents and students that are not currently enrolled.
      • An employee needs to complete a PIF when receiving a scholarship or fellowship.
      • PIF is required for all cash prize recipients, regardless of student or employee status.
  • An individual has a 0% appointment.
    • An employee with a zero percent appointment must complete a PIF to receive reimbursement except for refunds.
  • Paying Departments: Have the recipient return the PIF to you, and check that the information is complete. Once complete, submit the PIF and a copy of the photo ID or social security card (if submitting for an individual or sole-proprietor vendor only) to the Vendor Identification (VID) Section by one of these means:

U.S. Mail:
The University of Texas at Austin
Shared Services - VID Section
P.O. Box AA
Austin, TX 78713

Fax: 512-471-5178

Note: PIFs and supporting documentation cannot be accepted by email

                                                                                                                                         Last Updated: 11 April 2017