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Handbook of Business Procedures - 11.2. TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION

Prior approval for all business travel is required for absences of employees from the campus or other designated headquarters for periods of half a day or more during the normal working period, whether or not there is a cost to The University. Non-employees and students not traveling as employees (traveler types N and S on an electronic Request for Travel Authorization) are not required to have prior approval before claiming travel reimbursements. The Office of Accounting does not require travel authorization for personal absences such as vacation.

An electronic Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) should be completed. Approval is delegated to the immediate supervisor.

This document encumbers funds.


Create the RTA

  • Obtain supervisor and/or account authorization requirement
  • OPTIONS: for Supervisor authorization
    • Blanket supervisor letter on file with Department for fiscal year listing all subordinates.
    • Fiscal year approval for each traveler by supervisor
    • Approval from Supervisor via email for each travel request
    • Have RTA route through supervisor for electronic approval
  • OPTIONS: for account authorization
    • If supervisor is an account signer, no additional authorization is needed
    • Have RTA route through account signer for approval
    • Approval from account signer approved via email
    • Same as other approval processed

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