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New Employee Programs
The CNS Buddy Program is being launched to support new employees' orientation into our college's mission and to help them discover how they fit in and are essential to our success. Complementing the important work that a supervisor does, a CNS Buddy can be a general point of contact to positively encourage a new employee and answer questions about the work environment from a place of experience.

The CNS Buddy can contribute to a newly hired employee's success in various ways. By scheduling regular contacts, such as lunch, coffee and phone calls, the CNS Buddy shares their insights about traditions and how things are done around campus. Second, the CNS Buddy discusses why they like working at UT and in the College of Natural Sciences. Finally, the CNS Buddy answers questions and provides resources.

We are seeking CNS employees that are interested in participating in the CNS Buddy Program!

So, you might be wondering what the key characteristics of a CNS Buddy are:

  • Has good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Has a positive attitude
  • Has a good performance record
  • Can give the time to be accessible to the employee (15-30 minutes weekly)
  • Understands UT and CNS environment

The responsibility of a CNS Buddy

  • Meet with the new employee at least once a month (In-person or remote)
  • Answer general/routine questions
  • Follow up with the new employee weekly
  • 3-month commitment

Why have a CNS Buddy program?

  • The program offers a significant advantage for the new employee, the College of Natural Sciences and the CNS Buddy.
  • The new employee gains; one-on-one assistance, networking, and a smooth transition into CNS
  • The CNS Buddy can engage and encourage others, enhance their leadership, and communication skills and gain recognition as a stronger performer and team player.
  • CNS gains increased satisfaction, retention, and employee communication and productivity.
  • Employee development and work processes are enhanced.

Cheryl Le Gras, the CNS Senior Training Coordinator, will oversee the program and provide support for the CNS Buddy, new employees, or the Supervisors. If you have any questions regarding the CNS buddy program, please contact her.

Are you interested in signing up to be a CNS Buddy? Please let us know.

We also are offering monthly new staff orientations in CNS. If you recently joined the college and are interested in learning more contact Cheryl Le Gras.