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The University of Texas at Austin has set forward its Change Starts Here plan, a 10-year strategy to become the world's highest-impact public research university. 

Bold leadership from the College of Natural Sciences community will help realize the university's aspiration. Building upon input from CNS students, staff, and faculty over the last months, our existing framework for action and our Committing to Equity plan, the college is ready to lead while fulfilling our mission and delivering on our core values. Inspired by our community, by a spirit of discovery and by a determination to have impact at scale, we will advance people, place and pursuits — through experiences, education and research — here in Texas Science.

College of Natural Sciences Mission:

To provide an excellent, research-oriented education in science, mathematics and computing that fosters the success of its students, to discover important new knowledge through research and to create an intellectually and scientifically enriched environment that advances a vibrant Texas and beyond.

Our Values:

Our values are: community, discovery and impact at scale. They are the foundation for our accomplishments today and serve as points of focus for our work moving forward. They shape our actions and how we work together. Along with our university values, they represent our Texas Science culture.

For more about these values, please see the 2022 State of the College Address.

"We have to get clear on some key values that underpin all of the work if we want to get big things done. ... We succeed when we have community... We stay inspired when we drive after discovery... And we are passionately focused on the impact we have at scale."

— Dean David Vanden Bout, State of the College Address, March 2022

Our Plan at a Glance:

The College of Natural Sciences — UT Austin’s largest college and home to more top-10 ranked programs than any college at UT Austin— is primed to continue and grow in its role as a transformative leader on campus, nationally and in the world. To develop the college strategic plan and aspirations, we conducted listening sessions, forums and open surveys with Natural Sciences students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders. The information we gathered informed this initial plan for how the college will implement the university's strategic aspiration. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) priorities are interwoven throughout the college and university plans, and we are working in 2022 on further updating plans around actions and metrics in this area. In the months ahead, we will continue to update and add to the initiatives described here, ensuring we are supporting a new generation of leaders in pursuing answers to societal and scientific problems and bringing benefit to society through the education, research and service of the College of Natural Sciences.

Become the world’s highest-impact public research university for science, mathematics and computing – unleashing knowledge, opportunity and innovation from the heart of Texas


An exceptional, diverse community of learners and scholars, leaders and trailblazers

  • Attract and retain outstanding, high-potential students, faculty and staff, advancing our community through thoughtful professional and personal development of individuals that make up our college community.
  • Cultivate a distinctive Texas Science culture of excellence, inclusivity, equity and innovation, prioritizing work to promote belonging and foster exchange.

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...amplifying the unmatched potential of Austin and Texas

  • Embrace and enrich the growth and spirit of Austin and Texas, building symbiotic partnerships across our rapidly growing, tech-driven, capital city, as we work with others to pioneer new models.
  • Throughout and across Texas, where College of Natural Sciences community members live, work and advance discovery, serve through science that enhances life, work, health and learning.

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...and changing the world through transformative…


  • Propel the individual passions and journeys of our community members, fostering an inclusive college climate, built around experiences of belonging and purpose, so that Longhorns, in this large college, look out for each other and have rich and equitable opportunities to dive deeply into learning and discovery.
  • Deliver excellence in all we do, with outstanding personnel, operations and technology to support us in improving our organizational practices and deepening our understanding of both existing strengths and opportunities for improvement.

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  • Partner with learners on new and sustained efforts to catalyze teaching excellence in undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Continue integrating instruction and experience, research and service, as we equip and inspire students for a lifetime of success, leadership and impact through education that responds to our changing world.

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  • Advance ambitious basic research and scholarship, with attention to society's challenges in Energy & Environment, Health & Well-Being, and Technology & Society, as we leverage unique Texas Science strengths and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • As part of a larger plan to support best-in-class research, build state-of-the-art research infrastructure and support our researchers to foster first-class scientific discovery.

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