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In 2020, the College of Natural Sciences assembled an Action Team to make recommendations for action college-wide amid a national and global movement focused on racial reconciliation. Find these current college-wide efforts here.

This followed an earlier report from the College of Natural Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee to College leadership and the provost in April 2017 based on the charge it was given to identify important diversity and inclusion issues in the College, and develop a plan involving bold, new, actionable steps to address those issues.

The committee and the College continue to implement 2017 report recommendations in four key areas:

Raise awareness of diversity and inclusion in CNS

We collaborate across units in CNS to promote strategic communications about diversity and inclusion, and partner with departments to incorporate diversity and inclusion in curricula.

Increase recognition for diversity and inclusion in CNS

We collaborate with CNS administration to assure that diversity and inclusion efforts by faculty, staff and students are recognized, and are explicitly reviewed and valued as part of annual performance evaluations for staff as well as faculty.

Identify and analyze relevant data on diversity and inclusion to guide CNS

We review campus-wide and CNS documents and reports relevant to diversity and inclusion, work to identify new strategies for collecting data related to diversity and inclusion in order to identify measurable priorities and goals.

Provide and encourage strong leadership for CNS climate of diversity and inclusion

We work with the Dean to assure sustained attention to diversity and inclusion, and for focus on and accountability for diversity and inclusion through all units of the college.