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Alice Timugura

Alice Timugura (Biology)

Alice Timugura is a third-year Biology major, Social Inequality, Health & Policy BDP, and is pursuing the DEI Concentration here at UT Austin. She is also on the pre-med track and is hoping to enter the medical field after graduation.

Alice decided to participate in the DEI Concentration to learn more about various social identities and enhance her knowledge on topics related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She believes that awareness on these topics and in health inequality overall will allow her to be an exceptional healthcare provider in the future!

Outside of her studies, Alice enjoys spending time with friends/family, cooking and baking, and enjoying the arts such as watching musicals, film, attending concerts, and discovering new music.

If you have any questions about the DEI Concentration or about her personal experience in the Concentration, please feel free to email her at: cns.diversity@austin.utexas.edu.