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In November 2008, the Board of Regents introduced the Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards for UT’s nine academic institutions. Believed to be among the highest in the nation for rewarding outstanding undergraduate faculty performance and innovation, the awards range from $15,000 to $30,000 and are offered in recognition of those who serve our students in an exemplary manner. The Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Awards demonstrate the UT System’s commitment to exceptional performance and innovation in the classroom and undergraduate teaching of the highest order.

College of Natural Sciences recipients include:


Bill Wolesensky (Mathematics)


David Laude (Chemistry)
Alison Norman (Computer Science)


Mark Daniels (Mathematics)


Uri Treisman (Mathematics)


Michael Drew (Neuroscience)


Anita Latham (Biology Instructional Office)
Jennifer Moon (Biology Instructional Office)


Lorenzo Alvisi (Computer Science)
Jane Arledge (Mathematics)
George Pollak (Neuroscience)
Elaine Rich (Computer Science)
David A. Vanden Bout (Chemistry)


Arturo De Lozanne (Molecular Biosciences)
Cassandra Delgado-Reyes (Texas Interdisciplinary Plan)
Simon M. Humphrey (Chemistry)
Sonia Paban (Physics)
K. Sata Sathasivan (Biological Instructional Office)
Elizabeth Stepp (Mathematics)
Peter Stone (Computer Science)
Don E. Winget (Astronomy)


Kristen Grauman (Computer Science)
Jennifer Rebecca Morgan (Biological Sciences)
Theresa O'Halloran (Biological Sciences)
Catherine Stacy (Statistics + Scientific Computation)
Deborah Rush Walker (Chemistry & Biochemistry)


Michael Downer (Physics)
Jeffrey Gross, (Biological Sciences)
Brent L. Iverson (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Calvin Lin (Computer Science)
Michael D. Scott (Computer Science)
Christopher Shank (Marine Science)
Marty Shankland (Biological Sciences)
George Shubeita (Physics)
Dee Unglaub Silverthorn (Biological Sciences)
John F. Stanton (Chemistry & Biochemistry)


Craig Wheeler (Astronomy)
Leanne Field (Biological Sciences)
Eric Anslyn (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Fatima Fakhreddine (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Cynthia LaBrake (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Dionicio Siegel (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Alan Cline (Computer Science)
Jayadev Misra (Computer Science)


Volker Bromm (Astronomy)
Ruth Buskirk (Biological Sciences)
Shelley Payne (Biological Sciences)
Stan Roux (Biological Sciences)
Katherine Willets (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Timothy Loving (Human Ecology)
Michael Starbird (Mathematics)
James Vick (Mathematics)