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Designed to recognize and honor a member of the UT Austin faculty who has an outstanding record both of undergraduate teaching and of concern for undergraduates as demonstrated through advising and general guidance given to students. Such concern for students should have occurred within the context of promoting excellence in student scholarship and high standard of student performance. A committee (the Provost or his/her designate [ex-officio with vote], 5 faculty members, a representative from the Dean of Students Office, and two students) reviews the materials submitted by each dean and makes the final selection. Salary Supplement.

CNS recipients are listed below.

  • 1979 James W. Vick (Mathematics)
  • 1982 Jeanne M. Lagowski (Zoology)
  • 1984 Frank N. Bash (Astronomy)
  • 1985 Raymond E. Davis (Chemistry)
  • 1987 Melvin E. L. Oakes (Physics)
  • 1999 David Laude (Chemistry)
  • 2008 Peter Stone (Computer Science)
  • 2012 Greg Sitz (Physics)
  • 2013 Alan Cline (Computer Science)
  • 2019 Calvin Lin (Computer Science)

Nomination dates and award information