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Honors professors for outstanding academic, scientific, and scholarly achievement and for dedication to the teaching profession. A committee convened by the Provost or his/her designate, consisting of five UT faculty members reviews the materials submitted by the deans and selects up to three nominees to be forwarded to the Piper Foundation for consideration among candidates from other academic institutions across the nation. Cash honorarium.

College of Natural Sciences recipients include:

  • 1958 Stephen E. Clabaugh (Geology)
  • 1964 Irwin Spear (Botany)
  • 1973 Ralph R. Robbins (Astronomy)
  • 1981 Joseph H. Lagowski (Chemistry)
  • 1983 David T. Gibson (Microbiology)
  • 1984 Michael P. Starbird (Mathematics)
  • 1992 Raymond E. Davis (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • 1998 William T. Guy, Jr. (Mathematics)
  • 2000 David A. Laude (Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • 2002 Stan Roux (Molecular Cell & Dev Biology)
  • 2003 Mel Oakes (Physics)
  • 2010 James W. Vick (Mathematics)
  • 2012 Michael Downer (Physics)
  • 2016 Uri Treisman (Mathematics)
  • 2019 Peter Stone (Computer Science)
  • 2021 Shelley Payne (Molecular Biosciences)

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