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We are now offering a one-semester FRI experience!


Research is a great way to discover your interests while learning valuable skills that will help you in your future, regardless of your career path. 

The FRI Single Semester course experience will enable you to:
  • Kindle a passion and facility for scientific inquiry.
  • Learn how to ask and answer hard questions while delving deeply into a science topic and working closely with UT faculty.
  • Develop the skills for independent and intelligent experiment design while introducing you to techniques and science needed to carry out research.
  • Find opportunities at UT and beyond, including getting involved in UT's research laboratories.


Eligibility & ReGISTRATION


  • Open to all CNS students of all grade levels who wish to enroll.
  • Select one of the course options listed below and register using the appropriate unique number.
  • Courses will be conducted in-person