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Once FRI students have completed the FRI course sequence, they are eligible to move into the role of Peer Mentor. Peer mentors help guide the next cohort of FRI students as they learn the techniques and background needed to start their own independent projects. They can also continue to engage in stream research and provide feedback to students on their assignments. Scheduling and hours are coordinated with the stream’s Research Educator.


Peer Mentors are either paid an hourly wage or earn course credit for mentoring.  

Who can be a mentor?

The ideal mentor is a student who has engaged in research, and enjoys working with other students in groups. Students should also want to help students to master basic lab skills and to adjust to the intellectual demands of research. In addition, mentors must:

  • Complete training provided by the FRI Peer Mentoring Program.
  • Be registered for at least 12 credit hours if you are mentoring for pay.
  • Be available to spend up to 10 hours per week mentoring FRI students.

How do I apply?

The FRI Peer Mentor Application for Spring 2023 is available here.  The deadline to apply is October 28, 2022.    

Required Training

In order to serve as a Peer Mentor in the FRI, you must complete FRI mentor training.  Upon hiring, you will be asked to enroll in a training session in December or January, and complete a brief on-line training course.

Questions?  Contact FRI Peer Mentors