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Honor societies are student organizations that require their members to demonstrate high academic achievement.

Natural sciences students are also eligible for membership in university-wide honor societies.

There are a number of College of Natural Sciences-specific honor societies, including:

Alpha Epsilon Delta

  • A national premedical/predental society
  • Potential members must have at least 45 semester hours credit and a 3.0 grade point average, both overall and science.

Alpha Phi Sigma

  • A national premedical honor society founded on the principles of scholarship, service, and leadership.
  • Potential members must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or better, and members must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours/semester.

Beta Beta Beta

  • A Biological Honor Society for UT students dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study.
  • Potential members must have a 3.0 biology GPA, must major in Biology, and must have and at least 3 hours of upper division biology credit the semester that they pledge.

For more information on university-wide honor societies, like Phi Beta Kappa and Alpha Lambda Delta, visit the university's page devoted to Honors Societies.