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 “How has being part of Dean's Scholars benefited you?” That's the question we asked these students. Each of them is eager to encourage students like you to discover whether Dean's Scholars seems like a community you'd like to join. Hear them out, then email them questions about Dean's, the University of Texas, and anything else you're curious about.

ADAR AMBAR | Chemistry

Adar Ambar

Being a part of Dean’s Scholars brings a vast list of benefits. It has brought me an honor that my parents back home can be proud of. It has brought me the confidence to be the best in my field. It has brought me a sense of purpose to always work hard to enrich our amazing program. Beyond that, it has given me opportunities to speak to like-minded peers who are greatly passionate about their careers, and as well, to have made what I can confidently say are my close colleagues and friends for now and forever.



DUAA ANSARI | Chemistry


Duaa AnsariBeing a part of Dean's Scholars has allowed me to join a community of incredible individuals with whom I share common interests and goals. The access to a community of like-minded students, inspiring alumni, knowledgeable faculty advisors, and experienced staff is beyond compare especially as a college student still deciding my path. Not only have my peers helped me grow into the person I am today, but I also know that I will only continue to grow alongside them. I have formed many long-lasting relationships, and I have greatly enjoyed being able to reach out to someone for advice, whether it be academic or personal without feeling any sort of judgement. DS is and always will be my family!


VIVEK BEERAM | Neuroscience

Vivek BeeramBeing in Dean's Scholars has meant the world to me during my first year at UT. This community is warm and welcoming, full of high achievers who walk every possible path in the STEM world and are ready to share the experience and help you alongside them. While the best part is undoubtedly the friends we make along the way, things like access to faculty advisors, weekly meetings that teach research and college skills, honors events, and the academic freedom and opportunities that come with the honors designation aren't bad at all!

THOMAS DANG | Neuroscience


EMILY MAY | Biochemistry & Neuroscience