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“How has being part of Polymathic Scholars benefited you?” That's the question we asked these students. Each of them is eager to encourage students like you to discover whether Polymathic seems like a community you'd like to join. Hear them out, then email them questions about Polymathic, the University of Texas, and anything else you're curious about.

RINKA KO | Neuroscience | rk27859@utexas.edu

Rinka KoAs an international student from China with no one to rely on during my first few months at UT, I've found my community as a Polymathic Scholar, and I want to share that heartwarming experience to future students. It's the best feeling when you're surrounded with peers who share similar goals and who you know will always have your back in times of need! I've also enjoyed taking classes and learning with other honors students, which allowed me the rare opportunity to make connections with other honors programs!


EZEQUIEL LOZANO | Biochemistry, Government | ezequiel.lozano@utexas.edu

Lozano EzequielBeing a part of the Polymathic Scholars Program has made a few matters come to fruition. These matters have benefited me since my induction into the program and will continue until I graduate from the University. For instance, being a part of a highly selective honors program is not a small feat for any student--including myself. Because of this, I received a newfound purpose in my academic life. Coming from a small school, I always had to work harder than most students to gain what I desired. I would make many attempts to apply to selective programs during my first year to no avail. Notwithstanding, I finally found success when I was accepted to this program. Since then, I have gained the confidence necessary to apply to other programs/opportunities and have had abundant favor. In addition, I have been given multiple opportunities to create more substantial and direct relationships with faculty and other fellow honors students. Furthermore, this program has offered me the chance to dive and further examine the intersection of two fields of study I treasure the most: politics and medicine. 

KATIA PETROSKY | Chemistry | katia.petrosky@utexas.edu

Katia PetroskyI can truly say that Polymathic Scholars feels like my family. I have found my closest group of friends here and have learned a lot from these curious, like-minded individuals. Not only have I found my community, but this program has allowed me to connect with faculty and an amazing advisor. I have had the chance to collaborate with members of the other two Honors programs as well, making lifelong friendships in the process (see Bestie Neha). Overall, Polymathic Scholars has allowed me to find a home at UT and given me opportunities I never thought I would have!

TIEN VO | Mathematics, Government | votien@utexas.edu
Polymath field: The Development of Political Identification and Its Effects on Social Interactions

Tien Vo

Being a part of Polymathic Scholars has provided me with a wide range of opportunities, from research to connecting with amazing faculty. Within the Polymathic community itself, I've met talented, like-minded students, who I was lucky to call friends and go through the college journey with. Being a Polymathic Scholar also means connection to the Honors community as a whole, from taking challenging classes to interhonor community events. The program gave me the opportunity to explore my interests, meet new people, and essentially taught me how to take advantage of the resources around me through amazing advising and mentorship.

NEHA YAWALKAR | Neuroscience | neha.yawalkar@utexas.edu

Neha Yawalkar RecruiterI think the best part about the Polymathic Scholars program is the freedom that our program makes space for -- freedom to take classes for the joy of learning, freedom to connect with faculty in any discipline across campus, freedom to follow our innate curiosity alongside our commitment to science. I've had the opportunity to study history, gender studies, design thinking, policy, and more as a Polymathic Scholar, all of which have cultivated my inherent motivation to contribute meaningfully to my fields of interest. Being in an honors program that centers around diversity of ideas has made me a better person every day, and I can say with confidence that the impact of Polymathic Scholars will stay with me for life.  (Bonus is the lifelong friends you make along the way. See Bestie Katia.)