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What is the High School Research Initiative (HRI)?

The HRI is a program that values authentic research experiences in open-inquiry and collaborative research. The program, therefore, merged these two interests into a single dual-enrollment course!

Who teaches the dual-enrollment research course?

The high school teacher teaches the entire dual-enrollment course. After an intensive 3-week professional training over the summer, the high school teacher is equipped with the curriculum and training to teach the course. The high school teacher provides the high school grade. However, the UT-Austin instructors evaluate the college work, serve as instructor of record for the University course, as well as provide the college grade. 

What course credit will I receive?

The HRI course provides both college credit and high school credit (respectively): HRI-Research Methods course (NSC 309) and Scientific Research and Design course [SRD, PEIMS: 8724.H900.Y (fall) and 8724.NC10.Y (spring)].

Where is the course taught?

The HRI course is taught on the high school campus.

Will I get to visit The University of Texas at Austin?

Yes! Students and teachers visit the UT-Austin campus at least once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. Additionally, there is a potential to visit with the collaborating UT lab over the summer.

Who pays for this program?

This work is supported by an NIH Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA).

How much does it cost to participate in the HRI program and/or dual-enrollment course?

The NIH SEPA-funded HRI program is at no cost to the students. Currently, the HRI dual-enrollment classes receive most of their funding from the NIH SEPA award, with additional support from the school and/or school district. 

As a student, how may I register for the course?

Please talk with your school counselor to learn if this course is offered at your campus. And – thank you for your interest!

As a teacher, how may I begin teaching this course?

Please contact one of the program administrators. And – thank you for your interest!

Other than the dual-enrollment RM-FRI course, does the HRI offer other courses?

No. At this time, the HRI only offers the dual-enrollment course (i.e. HRI-Research Methods and Scientific Research and Design). 

How does dual-enrollment compare to dual-credit courses?

Dual-enrollment means the student is in both a high school course and a university course. Different grades may be awarded for the 2 different courses. Dual-credit generally implies the student will receive high school and university course credit for the same class AND receive the same grade in both.

What's the difference between UT's High School Summer Research Academy (SRA) and UT's High School Research Initiative (HRI)?

Both the SRA and the HRI offer inquiry-based research experiences for at least a portion of the experience. However, the two experiences differ in that the SRA offers a non-credit research course over the summer, while the HRI offers a dual-enrollment (HS and University credit) course over the school year. To learn more about the SRA, please visit this website, https://cns.utexas.edu/tides/k-12/high-school-summer-research-academy