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The High School Research Initiative (HRI) is looking for enthusiastic high school teachers from rural school districts across Texas to teach the inquiry-driven science modules at their high school campuses! The pioneering HRI program provides intensive professional training, which is led by a UTeach master teacher. This training prepares teachers to guide their students through their research experience. UTeach has 20 years of experience preparing teachers and with that comes numerous gains for the students!

HRI Informational Sessions are offered in the fall and the four-week professional training is in the summer is all virtual. 

Please contact HRI Director (Gwen Stovall, gwenstovall@utexas.edu) or Outreach Program Coordinator (Bailey Williams, bailey.williams@austin.utexas.edu) to register for the event.


Jennifer Giannou MooreIt was one of the best PD's I've had as a science educator, because this is what I've been wanting to do with my students, but didn't know how to approach it, especially while teaching content. - Jennifer Giannou-Moore, Austin High School



HRI teachers participate in a summer professional training at The University of Texas at Austin.

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