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PAI 3.04 
(512) 232-9358

Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science
College of Natural Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
103 W. 24th St., G2550
Austin, TX 78712


UT Faculty-led programs allow you to take courses abroad taught by UT faculty members and earn UT credit just as if you were taking courses on campus in Austin.

These programs range from four to 10 weeks in length and are offered in May or summer, making them a good option for students who want a shorter-term abroad experience. Faculty-led program offerings change from year-to-year.

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For CNS Faculty - Proposing a Program
Are you a CNS faculty member who would like to propose a study abroad program?

The College has developed an internal evaluation process for all CNS faculty-led study abroad proposals.Please contact Timothy Myers, 512-232-7129, tmyers@austin.utexas.edu, to learn about the application process. The CNS internal proposal deadline is November 1.