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Summer 2021 Orientation

For incoming Mathematics, Physics, & Astronomy students.

We are so excited to welcome you to the 2025 class of Texas Longhorns!


You will meet with an Academic Advisor on Day 2 of Orientation to discuss your interests and plan a schedule for fall. The information in the powerpoint presentation found here will help prepare you to consider course options and make decisions.


If you know you want to take the first semester of chemistry (CH 301) this fall, you can take the ALEKS Chemistry Assessment before Orientation. If you are not sure about taking CH 301, it is best to wait until after Orientation, as no refunds will be given. You will be able to register for CH 301 even if you have not taken the assessment.


Day 1:            Late afternoon or evening might be a good time to review the powerpoint presentation mentioned above.

Day 2:            All students will have an individual advising appointment with an Academic Advisor. You will receive an invitation to a Zoom meeting via email on the Wednesday before Day 1. (Please check your junk mail if you do not receive yours, and send an email to mpaadv@austin.utexas.edu if it is not there. You can also send an email to this address if a video meeting will not work for you. In that case, we can schedule a phone appointment.) After you have met with an Academic Advisor, you will have an opportunity to meet with a Faculty Advisor.

Orientation Advisors (experienced students) will be available to answer questions about fall courses and registration after you have met with your Academic Advisor. Their hours will be posted before orientation starts.. Zoom meeting details will be included in the appointment email.

Day 3:            Math Majors will have a Zoom meeting with Faculty Advisors at 8:30 am. Physics and Astronomy Majors will have a Zoom meeting at 9:00 am with a Faculty Advisor and some experienced students. Academic Advisors will be available to answer questions and assist with registration via email and Zoom as needed. 

social media Resources

Check out any of the Facebook pages that you may be interested in: MathematicsUT Association for Women in MathematicsActuarial Science Club at UTTexas SPS (Society of Physics Students), Astronomy Students Association.