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From the College of Natural Sciences

Smallpox Expert D.A. Henderson to Speak At 2010 Disease Detective Conference

D.A. Henderson will describe efforts to eradicate smallpox during his keynote lecture at the "Become a Disease Detective: Discover Public Health!" conference.

Texas Chautauqua: (Re)Making History

In the third Texas Chautauqua, professors Bonevac and Sadun debate the SBOE's new recommendations for K-12 social studies standards.

Second Life Sculptor

In his first life, Dr. Henry Segerman is a math lecturer in the College of Natural Sciences. In his second life (in, that is, the on-line world Second Life), he is Seifert Surface, a sculptor of extraordinary skill and imagination.

By the Light of the Moon

In this week's installment of Raw Science, we link to recent papers in the fields of marine science, human ecology, synthetic chemistry, and infectious disease epidemiology. By the Light of the Moon Marine scientists review the various mechanisms by which fish are able to align their reproductive cycles with phases of the moon. “External and...
Scientists Find New Genes for Cancer, Other Diseases in Plants, Yeast and Worms

Scientists Find New Genes for Cancer, Other Diseases in Plants, Yeast and Worms

From deep within the genomes of organisms as diverse as plants, worms and yeast, scientists have uncovered new genes responsible for causing human diseases such as cancer and deafness.

All Tied Up

Knots have appeared everywhere, from art, literature and religion to seafaring. Adams will discuss their past history as well as their future, with emphasis on the role they play in mathematics and the applications of that role to DNA and synthetic chemistry.

Norm Hackerman Building: Progress

The live oak trees that once lined 24th Street in front of the Experimental Sciences Building have been moved into their new positions in front of the Norman Hackerman Building (NHB). The trees were kept in a make-shift nursery for over a year in front of Patterson Hall. The outer shell of the NHB is almost complete. The building has taken shape. ...

One Fish, Two Fish, Five Gas Giants

In this inaugural installment of "Raw Science," our regular round-up of scientific papers authored by College of Natural Sciences researchers, we link to papers in the fields of marine science, molecular virology, human development, and planet detection. Building a Better Phage Biologists look for ways to improve the efficacy of phage therapy,...

Oncology Researcher Joins Faculty to Study Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Dr. John DiGiovanni has joined the pharmacy and nutritional sciences faculty and will conduct research at the soon-to-open Dell Pediatric Research Institute.
Evolution Study Funded for $25 Million by National Science Foundation

Evolution Study Funded for $25 Million by National Science Foundation

The University of Texas at Austin is part of $25 million, multi-university center established by the National Science Foundation that will study evolution in action in natural and virtual settings.

The Orange Jackets

As fully “vested” active members of the Orange Jackets—a select group of 40 undergraduate women dedicated to the principles of scholarship, leadership and service—Vicki Chang and Elaine Sedenberg have a number of responsibilities. They’re official hosts of the university and are called on to greet and charm guests at various university functions. T...

The Wooten Initiative

Michael Wu (back left, with glasses) and Trieu Pham (furthest right) with other members of Stan Roux's FRI research stream. Michael Wu and Trieu Pham didn’t join the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) in order to teach fourth and fifth graders how to do science. They joined the pioneering, research-based academic program in order to learn how to...

The World Travellers

These four students have recognized, and taken advantage of, one of the incontrovertible facts of the modern world. Science is global, and the scientific leaders of the 21st century will be the people who understand global issues and have the courage to immerse themselves in the unknown. Check out their stories: Kyle in Kiwiland Although most na...

Debating Health Care Reform at the Capitol

College of Natural Sciences students joined students from Austin Community College in a mock hearing on health care reform legislation at the Texas Capitol on Saturday, Feb. 13. The students filled the roles of Democratic and Republican members of Congress, and heard expert testimony from witnesses like Jose Camacho, executive director and general ...Students at mock congressional hearing for health care reform

The European Perspective

Houston native Phuoc Anh-Thi Nguyen made the most of her summer abroad in Denmark. She got credit for two courses that she was able to transfer toward her Biology/Pre-pharmacy degree at UT. She stayed with a host family and learned about Danish culture. And she got a new perspective on the different ways that health care can be delivered. I sat do...