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From the College of Natural Sciences

Kyle in Kiwiland

Although most natural sciences students who study abroad end up doing so over the summer—often through one of the university’s Maymester programs—biochemistry major Kyle Marshall wanted a more immersive experience. He didn’t want to lose a step in his academic progress, however, so he needed to find somewhere that had classes that would meet the re...

Lecture: The Search for Randomness

AUSTIN, Texas -- On Friday, February 19, at 3:15 p.m., renowned mathematician Persi Diaconis will speak on “The Search for Randomness.” “I will take a careful look at some of our most primitive images of random phenomena,” says Diaconis, “actions like flipping a coin, shuffling cards, and rolling a roulette ball. In each case, physics and math show...

Environmental Science Campus Proposed

Faculty envision a public science center like the California Academy of Science (CAS) at BFL. In this photo, CAS visitors explore the rainforest dome and its 100,000-gallon Amazon Flooded Forest tank. Photo © Tim Griffith. Courtesy: CAS. Brackenridge Field Lab (BFL) should expand to become a new environmental science campus for The University of Te...

Opinion: Obama Gets Space Funding Right

By Steven Weinberg In the federal budget released this week, President Barack Obama calls for increasing NASA's funding by two percent while cutting its manned space flight program. If enacted by Congress, the cuts will likely end plans to return astronauts to the moon. Some claim these cuts will damage America's capabilities in science and technol...

Walk Softly When Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe

In his upcoming lecture, "Walk Softly When Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe: Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy," Karl Gebhardt will offer a broad overview of what astronomers currently know, and how they're working to know more, about the "dark components" of the universe.

Dell Pediatric Research Institute

Dr. John Wallingford (College of Natural Sciences) and Dr. Tim George (Dell Children's Medical Center) highlight ways in which the new Dell Pediatric Research Institute (DPRI) will allow critical relationships to be forged between clinicians and researchers. Wallingford and George use their own work--in neural tube defects such as spina bifida--as ...

UTeach Expansion Recognized by President Obama

Click on the map above to view all UTeach replication sites. AUSTIN, Texas — At a special event at the White House today (Jan. 6), President Barack Obama recognized the national replication of The University of Texas at Austin's UTeach program and the supporters of that replication. "Our future depends on reaffirming America's role as the world's e...

Map: The Reach of UTeach

This interactive map highlights 22 universities around the United States implementing our UTeach teacher-preparation program. View UTeach Locations in a larger map Universities implementing the program include: The University of California at Berkeley; Cal Teach The University of California at Irvine; Cal Teach The University of Colorado at Bo...

UTeach Replicated at Six More Universities

The UTeach program is being newly replicated at six universities, bringing the total number of UTeach programs in the United States to 20.

Texas Rose Bowl

Californians aren’t the only ones with roses. Check out this slide show of native Texas roses, in honor of the upcoming Rose Bowl.

The Speaker: Fall Graduation 2009

Erica Rubin, who was selected as the student speaker for the college’s fall graduation ceremonies, was born in Dallas and graduated from Westwood High School in Austin. As a biology major in the college, she researched bacterial virus evolution, spent a semester in the Australian rainforest studying the indigenous flora, and completed a research pr...Erica Rubin

Seven Ways Career Services Can Help You Land on Your Feet

Let's be frank. It's not the best moment to be entering the job market. Dot-com companies aren't yet lining up in front of the tower to hand plum jobs and internships to new graduates. The green shoots of the recovering economy haven't yet grown into lush green fields. Times are still tougher than we'd like. But students in the College of Natural...ut graduation

The Writing Teacher

Award-winning lecturer Ruth Franks teaches natural sciences students how writing can be a tool for better understanding science.

Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks Sunday

The Geminid meteor shower will be at its best on the evening of December 13, according to the editors of StarDate magazine. While most meteor showers can be frustratingly unpredictable, the Geminids are one of the most reliable. Given clear skies, they consistently delight meteor watchers. This year, skywatchers can expect to see dozens of meteors...stardate-2009-geminids

The December Grads

A few of our most recent graduates reflect on the beauty of physics, the challenges of reconciling faith and diversity, the joy of getting into medical school, and the meaning of being burnt orange.