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From the College of Natural Sciences

Math Prof Honored with Teaching Award

Kathy Davis has been honored as the recipient of the 2010 Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment Award for Excellence in Teaching. Established in 2006, the award recognizes faculty who are engaged, dynamic instructors who inspire others, embrace innovation, collaborate with colleagues, assess teaching and learning, and use technology t...

Endowment Honors Mathematician Bill Guy

Dr. Bill Guy, perhaps one of the most well known math professors at the university, retired this past spring after 64 years of teaching. Guy is a legendary figure on campus and has received numerous teaching honors, from the Student Association Teaching Award to his inaugural membership in the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. To honor Guy’s le...bill-guy

On the Trail of H1N1 Flu

Within twenty-four hours of learning that a new H1N1 flu was infecting people in Mexico this past April, Lauren Ancel Meyers was creating an informal survey on Facebook to track how people (her friends, it turns out) were reacting to the pending pandemic. Were they changing their travel plans? Had they pulled their kids from school? The Facebook ...H1N1_flu_blue_web
Texas Researchers Tackle Influenza By Studying Human Behavior

Texas Researchers Tackle Influenza By Studying Human Behavior

AUSTIN, Texas — Researchers from The University of Texas at Austin will participate in a $3 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fight influenza and other diseases by creating models that simulate the complex interplay between human behavior and the spread of disease. The grant is part of the Models of Infectiou...

Q & A with Kathy Davis

Photo: Brett Buchanan Professor Kathy Davis is the undergraduate mathematics advisor and associate chair of the Department of Mathematics. She has been on the faculty for 30 years and is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers. Why math? This is an odd generation that we are living in. We seem to be looking for the roots of everythin...Photo: Brett Buchanan

Math Could Make Security Screening More Fair

AUSTIN, Texas — A researcher at The University of Texas at Austin has found that secondary security screening at airports is mathematically flawed, and has identified a way to select people for screenings more efficiently and fairly. William H. Press, a professor of computer sciences and integrative biology, proposes a method called square root bi...

Mathematician Caffarelli Receives Highest Distinction

Mathematics Professor Luis Caffarelli of The University of Texas at Austin received the 2009 Leroy P. Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement yesterday from the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Gerth Gives for Future of Math

For 32 years, Frank Gerth III, gave all that he had to his students and colleagues as a mathematics professor. And though Professor Gerth is no longer of this world, he hasn’t stopped giving. Gerth, who passed away in May 2006, established excellence funds for mathematics graduate students and fellowships for faculty through his estate. Characteri...

Dr. Rath Goes to Washington

When James Rath leaves for Washington D.C. at the end of August to work as a congressional aide, he’ll take with him an unusual qualification—a Ph.D. in mathematics. Rath, a lecturer and post-doctoral researcher in the math department, is going to D.C. as part of the Congressional Fellowship program sponsored by the American Association for the A...

Mathematics Professor Receives National Prize for Research

AUSTIN, Texas—Mathematics Professor Karen Uhlenbeck of The University of Texas at Austin received the 2007 Leroy P. Steele Prize for her seminal contribution to mathematics research from the American Mathematical Society. The Steele Prize is one of the highest distinctions in mathematics and was awarded to Uhlenbeck on Jan. 6, at the Joint Mathemat...

Mathematician Receives National Teaching Prize

AUSTIN, Texas—Mathematics Professor Michael Starbird of The University of Texas at Austin received a 2007 Deborah and Franklin Tepper Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics from the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The award is given to three college or university teachers from the MAA’s membership of ...

Math faculty receive Sloan Research Fellowships

AUSTIN, Texas--Martin Olsson and Yen-Hsi Richard Tsai, assistant professors in the Department of Mathematics, have been named recipients of Sloan Research Fellowships for 2006. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation makes the awards for early career scientists who "show the most outstanding promise of making fundamental contributions to new knowledge." E...

Actuarial studies position in mathematics funded by Buck Consultants

AUSTIN, Texas—Buck Consultants, one of the world’s leading human resource and benefits consulting firms, announced today that it has funded the position of Buck Consultants Assistant Director of Actuarial Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Leslie Vaaler will be the initial Buck Consultants Assistant Director of Actuarial Studies. Sh...

UT Department of Mathematics honored for graduating most Latinos in math in the nation

AUSTIN, Texas—The University of Texas at Austin Department of Mathematics has been named the 2005 Example of Excelencia for its efforts to boost Latino participation, graduation and pursuit of teaching in mathematics. The announcement was made in Washington, D.C. at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund...