Dear Students,

This week's theme is engagement, and I've got two different, equally important ways to start.

  1. CNS created an amazing way for you to get hands-on, applicable experience in science and entrepreneurship through Science Sprints and Inventor Sprints. These one-day events have you working with UT faculty, staff, and industry representatives to gain valuable experience that can help you discover new passions and set you apart in future endeavors.
  2. The US needs more science and math teachers. Please help us find them by completing this survey on attitudes toward teaching. It will take only around 8 minutes.
Oh, and since no one (as of Friday morning) participated in our hashtag efforts, we're going to give it one more try but with a new hashtag! Take a picture of your favorite place on campus to study and post it to Twitter or Instagram with the #TexasScienceWellness hashtag for your chance to win some awesome CNS swag… judging by this week's (no) entries, your chances of winning are extremely good!

Dr. Vanden Bout

Joke: Why did the bear dissolve in water? It was polar.