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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Insight: October 2010

Insight: October 2010
In this issue of the undergraduate newsletter, we look forward to Family Weekend.
In this issue of the undergraduate newsletter, we look forward to Family Weekend, and in particular to the college's Family Day event, a gathering on Saturday morning at the Texas Memorial Museum where students and parents will have a chance to meet each other, faculty, and administrators.

We speak to Elaine Sedenberg, the student speaker at the event, to see what she's thinking she might say. We invite parents to deepen their involvement in the natural sciences community by subscribing to the e-newsletter. I return to the airwaves to talk directly to parents about how they can help their kids get the most out of their time in college. And we highlight what the students in the Freshman Research initiative have to say—by way of YouTube—about what makes their research projects special.

Table of Contents

Listen. Let Go. Love.

A message for the parents from Dean Laude.

If You Don't Send This to Your Parents...

An invitation to subscribe to Insight.

The FRI-volution will be televised

The Freshman Research Initiative takes to YouTube.

Going All In

Elaine Sedenberg reflects on her journey as a student.

DigCS Groundbreaking

Join the Department of Computer Science as it celebrates breaking ground on the new Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall on October 29 with a street fair.

The Physics of Disaster (Movies)

Physicists Sacha Kopp looks at the neutrino science (and not-exactly-science) of the film 2012.

Health IT Program Gets Money, Graduates First Class of Students

The college's new certificate program gets a big boost from the U.S. Government.

Walk on the Wild Side

Check out some photos, and hear from the director, of the Texas Memorial Museum.
The FRI-volution Will Be Televised
Listen. Let Go. Love.


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