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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Kopp's Weekly - Your Voice Counts‏

Kopp's Weekly - Your Voice Counts‏

The college offers many opportunities to make your voice heard.

Dear students,

In a close football game on a 3rd down with 3 yards to go, each of us shouts loudly and with fervor. In a crowd of 80,000, it would be easy to feel like one more voice won't make a difference. But each of us knows that responsibility to participate. In the same way, the long lines coming out of FAC this week as students waited to cast their early ballots in the Nov 6 election was solid evidence of those who fulfilled their civic responsibility and had their voice heard. And just as in a close game, in a close election each person's voice matters all the more. Seeing Prof. Sam Baker and Prof. Dan Bonevac debate current events from the two presidential candidates' perspectives this week in my Signature Course, I was reminded of the unique privilege we have in a democratic society to participate in critical analysis and speak our voice through the ballot process. When Tuesday comes, I hope you will cast your vote if you have not already done so. However you vote on the issues and the candidates, your participation is not a luxury or an elective option, it is part of one's participation in public life.

Speaking of having your voice heard, the Natural Sciences Council student organization invites you to attend the Fall 2012 CNS Town Hall Meeting. It will be in SAC 2.302 from 5-6 p.m. on Monday, November 5. CNS students may participate in an interactive discussion on current events and issues in the college. A panel consisting of much of the leadership will be on hand:

• Linda Hicke, Dean of the College,
• Sacha Kopp, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
• Sarah Simmons, Assistant Dean for Honors, Undergraduate Research, and International Study,
• Ruth Franks, Director of the CNS Career Design Center.

The format will be an open question and answer session on any issues on your mind about the college, academics, student opportunities, the priorities of the new leadership in the college, etc. All are welcome. The College is, above all, an academic learning community. As a community, it consists of the faculty who have pivotal roles in teaching and mentoring, the college leadership who establish priorities for its educational and research missions, the staff who support the many aspects of college life, and of course you, the students who come here to interact with us and with each other in a crucial phase of your career development. As with any community, each of us has important perspectives. Meetings like this town hall are opportunities to share constructive ideas, provide feedback, and work together to chart a best course.

Developing such an approach to discourse is one of those things that makes our society special and hopefully carries over to all aspects of our public life. We here in the College treasure this place and the potential it has to do great things. We look forward to a good conversation Monday at the Town Hall, and on Tuesday I hope you will cast your vote.

Best wishes for the coming week,
Sacha Kopp
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education,
College of Natural Sciences
Telephone: (512) 232-0677

PS: November 6 is the last day to Q drop a class, and is also the last day to apply to graduate for Fall 2012 semester.

PPS: On Thursday November 8, 2-3pm, in the Texas Union Ballroom, the School of Human Ecology is celebrating its 100 years with a distinguished Speaker Panel and reception. The topic will be "How Healthy Choices Enhance Live." Guest panelists include Marissa Duswalt, currently the Associate Director of Policy and Events for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative (Melissa is a Nutrition alum from CNS and 2009 Harry Truman Scholar); Beverly Kearney, decorated former track and field coach from UT, and Garrett Weber-Gale, UT alum and two-time Olympic gold-medal-winning swimmer.

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