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From the College of Natural Sciences

Research 2.0

​Dear Students, 

More talk about research? Yes! It is Research Week on Campus. We kicked things off last week with the amazing Undergraduate Research Forum with nearly 200 posters from CNS undergraduates. This week there are a whole host of additional events across campus. Some of you are saying "research is not for me." That's all right as well. You don't have to work in a research lab to benefit from being part of our research university. You can still engage in the rich intellectual experiences that are part of the community. There are tons of public lectures on campus that are open to students. 

Some are aimed at broad audiences; others are much more specialized. But you should be able to find something of interest almost every week. Not sure how to get information? Check the CNS Events calendar. Check with student organizations, as many are hosting these events. Check on bulletin boards in CNS buildings. I know that ones in the WEL Grand Hallway are always full of fliers. Put "lecture series" into the UT search engine and the first hit will be the University Lecture Series from the School of Undergraduate Studies. These are amazing speakers that are brought to campus specifically to enrich student life. 

Finally, maybe you hear all this talk about research on campus but you are just not sure what it's about. I would encourage you all to check out the CNS website for the latest news. There are short stories that highlight the latest breakthroughs from researchers in the college. The news page also has a link to The Texas Scientist. This is a biannual publication that covers the people and their groundbreaking discoveries that make the College of Natural Sciences an amazing place to learn and work. 


– Dr. Vanden Bout 

P.S. How can you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber? Ask them to pronounce unionized.

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Thursday, 23 September 2021

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