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Seven Ways Career Services Can Help You Land on Your Feet

Seven Ways Career Services Can Help You Land on Your Feet
ut graduationLet's be frank. It's not the best moment to be entering the job market. Dot-com companies aren't yet lining up in front of the tower to hand plum jobs and internships to new graduates. The green shoots of the recovering economy haven't yet grown into lush green fields. Times are still tougher than we'd like.

But students in the College of Natural Sciences continue to have some amazing advantages. The degrees they're earning, and the skills they're acquiring, continue to be valuable in the global marketplace. The Texas economy is doing better than most. And if the economy continues to recover, it's precisely the kinds of students that we're educating here who will be poised to take advantage of the new opportunities.

With that in mind, the college's Career Services office has created a short list of ways that you can make sure that you're as equipped as possible to thrive in both tough times and the bright times that are sure to come.

Seven Ways Career Services Can Help You Land on Your Feet

    1. Chances are, your resume either has your entire life story on it and is three pages too long, or you have enough white space on the page to hide a polar bear cub. We can help you fix that.


    1. Calling the interviewer "Dude" won't fly. Schedule a mock interview. If you still feel like you're whiffing, the good news is that you can come back for another one.


    1. Instead of working or interning somewhere, you played video games during the summer. Join the club. We'll help you take your first baby steps toward being a responsible almost-adult. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


    1. If you're completely lost and don't know where to start in figuring out your career, we have a map for that (in fact, we have nine maps, one for most of the departments).


    1. Has too much time spent watching "The Apprentice" skewed your perception of how to negotiate? We'll let you know what to actually expect and guide you in salary negotiations.


    1. Finally, four years after you've graduated, your parents are kicking you out of the house and demanding you find a job. For $20 per semester, we'll help you figure your career out.


    1. We'll bring the companies to you at the Career Fair and during on-campus recruiting. If none of the companies like you, we'll try to figure out why without hurting your feelings.

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

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