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Three Habits for Success

Three Habits for Success

Dear Students,

And just like that, we are 1/15th through the fall semester. We've just gotten started, and there's a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to this semester. But, trust me, it's going to go by fast. So, now's a great time to start the routines or habits that will set you up for success this semester. Here are my top 3 recommendations:

  1. Set aside some time every day for studying and other school work. As I have discussed in this email before, our brains learn things much more easily when we space out our studying over time, rather than cram. In general, the best way to achieve your goal, no matter what it is, is to focus on making some progress every day.
  2. Find a place where you can work without distraction. For me, it was a study carrel in the basement of the library, a place so drab that few others ever ventured there. Maybe you work better somewhere with good light or a pleasant view. Find your own special study place and get in the habit of going there and getting stuff done.
  3. Ask questions. There are so many reasons why we don't ask questions. We are afraid of looking foolish. We are shy. We don't want to let on that we didn't do the reading. It's true that we take a risk when we ask a question. But it's worth it. Because asking questions is such a powerful way to learn, meet people, get help and so much more. I promise you there are many people here in CNS—your professors, TAs, fellow students and, of course, me—who welcome your questions. After all, we are scientists—asking questions is what we do.

By the way, if you have a question or a topic you'd like me to address in this weekly email, hit reply and let me know. I'd love to hear from you.


Dr. Drew

Joke: If you are an astronomer but know nothing about constellations, at least learn Ursa Minor—that's the bear minimum.

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Saturday, 25 March 2023

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