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UT Austin Researcher Xiaoqin Elaine Li Recognized for Quantum Materials Research

UT Austin Researcher Xiaoqin Elaine Li Recognized for Quantum Materials Research

Xiaoqin Elaine Li, associate professor in the Department of Physics, is one of two UT Austin recipients of the 2018 Edith and Peter O'Donnell Award in Science from The Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas (TAMEST).

The O'Donnell Awards were established to recognize and promote outstanding scientific achievements of the state's most promising researchers. Li will be honored at the annual TAMEST conference on Jan. 11.

Li's research focuses on the interaction of light and matter at the nanoscale in quantum materials. Her innovative work has helped create and control materials that can emit one photon at a time. The creation and manipulation of these materials could open the door to major advances in energy, communications and computing.

"Dr. Li's research makes a number of things potentially possible, one being completely secure communications," said Jack L. Ritchie, Department Chair and Professor in the Department of Physics. "She is doing the kind of foundational research that could lead to new types of improved solar cells and perhaps ultimately build new types of computers."

Li has made seminal contributions at the frontier of quantum phenomena in solids and the interaction of light and matter on the nanoscale. Her group is currently investigating magnetic materials that may lead to a new generation of thermoelectric applications or improved memory devices based on topological spin texture.

"The TAMEST Edith and Peter O'Donnell Awards showcase the best and brightest among Texas researchers," said TAMEST President Gordon England. "Their work is helping to advance science and open new pathways to discovery. We're proud to recognize Dr. Xiaoqin Elaine Li for her achievements."

Delia Milliron, professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Fellow of the Frank A. Liddell, Jr. Fellowship, will receive the 2018 O'Donnell Award in Engineering. Jordan Scott Orange, professor in the Department of Pediatrics-Rheumatology at the Baylor College of Medicine, will receive the 2018 O'Donnell Award in Medicine.

TAMEST will present the awards during its annual conference in San Antonio. The awards were named in honor of Edith and Peter O'Donnell for their support of TAMEST, and include a $25,000 honorarium, a citation and an inscribed statue.

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