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Vitamin Sunny D

Vitamin Sunny D

Dear Students, 

Welcome back from break! This week many of you will have midterms (or get your results back from exams before break), and I want to encourage you to see them not as a measurement of success or failure, rather as feedback on how to proceed for the rest of the semester. We all want you to succeed, so here are some resources you can plug into: 

And you know what else you can do? Get outside and enjoy the sun. It's good for your body and soul. Low vitamin D levels can lead to fatigue, depression, hair loss, and increased risk of getting sick. So go outside, hold your study groups on the South Mall, read by the Turtle Pond – and be sure to tag me in your picks on Instagram or Twitter

Dr. Vanden Bout

Joke: What happens when you put a root beer in a square glass? It just becomes beer.

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Saturday, 25 March 2023

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