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Individual staff contacts:

Most academic departments within the College of Natural Sciences have at least one staff member who assists faculty with proposal preparation. If you are looking for a departmental contact, email us and we can help you find them. 

Office contacts:

Each research or service agreement requires a specific set of processes to arrange. The specific UT-Austin office managing these processes varies, depending upon what sort of agreement it is. The flowchart below will help you figure out which department can help. Please note that as of 2022, OIE is now part of Discovery to Impact. 

flowchart updated

Contact information for the above-mentioned UT-austin offices: 


More Information:

If you still aren't certain which UT-Austin office to speak to about your agreement, or if you would like further information about what exactly these offices can do, take a look at this organizational chart


Initiating the Proposal/Agreement Process:

Once you know which internal office you will be working with, you can browse the pages listed in the sidebar at left or visit the links below to learn more about:

  • First steps to submitting a proposal (like submitting a PRF or MTA as referenced in the above flowchart)
  • Common questions about proposal preparation, as identified in our FAQs