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 College Readiness Mentors are University of Texas students in the College of Natural Sciences who can help!  


 The summer mentoring program concluded on Friday 9/2

We can help you to prepare for your meeting with your advisor at orientation, discuss your First Year Interest Groups community, and offer so much more.  


We are available to tutor with math and chemistry practice modules, answer questions about their experiences at UT, registering for orientation, what to expect from online orientation, and can provide resources to point you in the right direction towards successfully onboarding to your new college life. Please stop by our zoom office hours during the summer and meet our mentors. 


Zoom office hours schedule (8/24 final day)

Wednesday 5:00 - 8:00 pm 


Please feel free to contact your College Readiness Mentor with any questions. 


SUMMER 2022 



Victoria Tillman

Victoria Tillman 



Victoria is a Junior Biochemistry major with a certificate in Spanish for Medical Professions 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class was organic chemistry lab! I so enjoyed applying all of the concepts I had learned in general chemistry and organic chemistry in a practical setting. It genuinely reignited my zeal for learning.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Do not be discouraged when things don’t go the way you thought they would. Keep looking for ways to improve, and eventually something will click into place. Things not working out at first is not a testament to your worth, and it doesn’t mean this is how life will always be. If it needs to happen for you, then it will! In the meantime, be forgiving and gentle toward yourself. Onwards you go!

Student Organizations involved in: Fearless Leadership Institute (FLI) and ALDPES


Alyssa Oropez



Alyssa is a graduating Chemistry major with a minor in Media Studies.
Hometown: Weslaco, TX 
Favorite Class at UT and Why: I loved taking Ethnicity & Gender: Afro-Latinas, Latinas, and Chicanas with Professor Perez-Zetune! The course allowed me to explore my Chicana identity and learn more about other Latinx experiences. It also broadened my knowledge by allowing me to learn and discuss other areas of study other than STEM related disciplines. 
One thing you would wish you would have known as a freshman: To simply enjoy the college journey and take advantage of all of the amazing experiences offered here at UT whether that be academic or social. Do things that are outside of your comfort zone because this is the time to discover and be unsure. 
Student Organizations involved in: I’m the Co-President of Helping Hornz a volunteer organization! I’ve also been a Learning Assistant and UGTA with the CH 301/302 classes throughout college. 


Farai Mubvumba



Farai is a graduating Biochemistry major with an ASL minor, pursuing pre-med.

Hometown: Vernon, Texas

Favorite class at UT and why: My favourite class was General Chemistry until I was acquainted with Organic Chemistry. O-Chem is essentially a puzzle game with a ton of rules and nuances. One is allowed to be creative, and the possibilities are endless! The molecular structures are pretty cute too.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: The University has a plethora of scholarship/research opportunities. Anything you can and can’t imagine is probably out there. I wish this had been made aware to me because there are things I realized too late I wanted to join.

Student Organizations involved in: I love to sing and to listen to music. I am a member of the Voices of Afrika (acapella group), Korean Music Association, Chi Kappa Phi Service Organization, and I’m involved with my church, Joshua Church.

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Matthew Maberry



Matthew "Carter" Maberry is an incoming Junior majoring in Biology pursuing admission into Law and Medical School.
Hometown: Tyler, Texas 
Favorite Class at UT and Why: My favorite class so far was Evolution! This was my favorite class because it taught me so much about the world around me. It gave me another perspective about the things around me and how they came to be. 
One thing you wish you would have known as a Freshman: I wish I would have known how important it is to take time for yourself during school. Your work will suffer if you do not take care of your well being and mental health!
Student Organizations Involved In: Developments in Literacy (DIL)

jessica headshot

Jessica Chuang



Jessica is a junior Biochemistry major. 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class was Introductory to Psychology (301) because even though the class was taught online, the lectures were always done in an interesting manner. I also enjoyed taking many personality tests because it felt like I was learning more about myself each class! 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman:  I wish I joined more organizations and went to more office hours! 

Student Organizations involved in: Women in Medicine 

Headshot of Gabrielle Edwards

Gabrielle Edwards



Gabrielle is a recent graduate of CNS with a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Favorite class at UT and why: Intro to Hip Hop (T D 302T)!  Dance was a fun way to get out of my comfort zone and away from the usual grind of lecture-style science courses.  It was also a small class that did a fantastic job of fostering community and friendship; all while teaching a love and appreciation for the art of marginalized groups.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Burnout is real.  Be sure to take time for and take care of yourself, have fun, and enjoy the time that you have at college!

Student Organizations involved in: I was previously the VP and President for Women in Medicine. 

Headshot of Liany Serrano Oviedo

Liany Serrano Oviedo



Liany is Junior Public Health Major pursuing pre-med. 

Hometown: Fulshear, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: Bioethics. I liked it bc I got to learn about how ethics and philosophy should be applied to science so we’re making the most informed decisions moving forward with all the new innovations in AI and healthcare. 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Don't be afraid to fail in low stakes situations! Learning how to be wrong and turning it into something constructive is the key to progress.

Student Organizations involved in: LHPO which is latinx health proffesionals, I’m an officer for S.M.I.L.E which is students making an impact through empathy, UVA which is undergraduate Venezuelan association, and I’m a social chair for LCA which is part of the multicultural engagement center.

Headshot of Raiyyan Siddiqui

Raiyyan Siddiqui



Raiyyan is a Junior Neuroscience major.

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: As a neuroscience major, I am somewhat biased in saying this, but Neural Systems I has been my favorite class at UT so far. The course is incredibly interesting and covers numerous aspects of the brain and nervous system at multiple levels. In addition, it gave me a great foundation of knowledge for my other upper-division neuroscience courses.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Have a weekly schedule for each of your classes. This schedule should include a precursory glance at material (skimming a textbook chapter for key vocab/looking at learning outcomes), attending lecture (or viewing a prerecorded lecture/doing assigned reading), and then doing practice problems or flashcards of some kind depending on the class. Taking a methodical approach to learning content that has you pass over the material multiple times makes it such that you've already done most of the work when it is time to begin studying for an exam.

Student Organizations involved in: I am a member of Alpha Phi Sigma, a pre-health honor society. I am also an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Dr. Michael Mauk. 

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Mason Chng



Mason is a Math major. 

Hometown: Singapore

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class at UT was Introduction to Linguistics. Even though class may not be part of my major, I had a great time learning about languages and I even made great bonds with my peers in the class. The professor for the class, professor Karolin Obert, has also made the class very enjoyable to be in.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: I wish I knew that help was always just around the corner whenever I needed it to help with the stress that I was feeling.

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